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Farmer Registration System in Turkey

Farmer Registration System in Turkey, data on real and legal persons engaged in farming activities in Turkey are recorded electronically by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of the Republic of Turkey. The local name of the system in question in the country is “Çiftçi Kayıt Sistemi” and it is briefly defined with the letters “ÇKS”.
In order to be registered in the “ÇKS” system, the registration documents of the agricultural production lands in the country must be declared as rented or as a property owner. These records are processed electronically and can be queried. If your agricultural activity is not plant production but animal production, the animals must be registered in the veterinary registration system. The information contained in the farmer registration system is as follows;

a. Farmer’s identity information

  1. Name and surname
  2. TR citizenship number
  3. Father and mother name
  4. Date of birth
  5. Place of birth
  6. Gender
  7. Number of children
    b. Agricultural land information
  8. City and district information where the land is located
  9. Coordinates in the geographic coordinate system
  10. Ownership status of the land
  11. Tenant information for leased land
  12. Area of ​​the land
  13. Area of ​​use of the land
  14. Crop production on the land
  15. Planting date of the plants on the land
  16. Estimated harvest dates of plants
  17. Irrigation status of the land
  18. Type of plants produced
    c. Farmer’s agricultural loan debts
    d. Farmer’s agricultural tools and machinery
    e. Agricultural building assets owned by the farmer
    f. Animal information owned by the farmer
    g. Farmer’s address, phone and e-mail information

In order to register with the farmer registration system, it is necessary to register with the agriculture chamber located in all provincial and district centers. It is necessary to apply to the department of the ministry with the standard documents that will be given to you after registration in the Chamber of Agriculture. You can download standard forms from the following web page.

ÇKS Standard Documents

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